Raise Funds Using This 3 Step Evergreen Fundraising Plan

Get up to $2,000 per sale while you promote a healthy lifestyle and save the environment!

Hot: Health & Environment

There are no discussions more hot than health and the environment. People look up to you as their leader for answers on these topics. Now you can monetize your advise as non-dues revenue for your organization.

Raise "Real" Funds

Raising up to $2,000 per transaction is now possible by partnering with us to provide innovative water technologies for homeowners and renters not only in your local community but also around the globe.

Simple 3 Step Plan

1) Create your campaign once

2) Send your referrals to custom link

3) You get paid when they buy

That's it. Our contactless system does the conversion from beginning to end.

Are you an innovative leader looking for a unique evergreen fundraiser?

Do you lead a School, PTA, Church, Choir, Band, HOA, Credit Union, or a Membership-based Organization? Find out how you can get a profitable fundraiser or non-dues revenue (NDR) stream set up for your organization. Set it up once with very little effort on your part and let the system do its tracking and sales conversion without any sales pressure. This will be your best cause-related marketing campaign ever.

You've worked hard on fundraising but yields are low?

Let's face it. Most, if not all, fundraisers get little to no money because they involve selling low ticket items - cookies, box tops, wrappers, gifts, etc. You cannot escape the math. In the end, you will have to involve a lot of people to sell a boatload of low ticket items to raise any decent amount. If you had a high hourly rate, you might have actually donated your own money instead of taking time to peddle that sweet, unhealthy, no-one-interested merchandise? Right? We've all been there!

Looking to raise thousands or millions but missing the key?

Many organizations do raise millions of dollars in their fundraising efforts. They do employ a team of regular and contracted staff for their million dollar events. It does require skill, talent and preparation over the whole year to pull off a multimillion dollar fundraising event. Unfortunately, most organizations don't have the vision and resources to get their fundraising at that level yet. More importantly, they don't have the "connections" to deep pocket sponsors and event attendees who can afford the high ticket items on auction or on sale. The question is do you?

Keep what's working and add innovative high ticket items

Million dollar fund raisers do need high ticket items and well attended events. No question about that. The challenge is - will all your constituents and sponsors be able to afford or even "qualify" for the high ticket offers? With your current skills and resources in running events, simply adding the right high ticket offer in your fundraising will change your account balance from always low to abundance.

SOLUTION: Why not have an offer for all people regardless of credit - whether with good credit, with BAD or NO credit? Why not an offer that appeals to a broad spectrum - business owners and employees, work-at-home parents, homeowners and apartment renters alike? A "limitless" offer that can be fulfilled not just in your local community but anywhere around the world?

Schedule a Call with Us to Create Your Fundraising Plan!

Never Before Has Fundraising Been Any Simpler...

No Stranger to Fundraising

We have been involved in different roles in fundraising for our schools, church groups, chambers of commerce, and other nonprofit organizations. We know what works and what doesn't.

Product Experts Who Help

We are top distributors of these water technologies and know it inside and out. We can support you and your members with technical and practical questions that arise in the sale and post-sale process.

How We Help

We help you formulate and implement the fundraising plan based on your resources. We do the all hard work including: the product demo, the financing paperwork, order fulfillment and customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Water Technologies?

A: Your members are already spending money on it. Offering Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) technologies will help save them time (picking up or ordering from the store or delivery) and save them money. Chances are that they are already drinking exotic water brands. They can save up to $90,000 over the lifetime of these water technologies and will love your for it.

Q: Do I make money just by referring?

A: No. Your referral does NOT guarantee a check. Your referrals must make a purchase either with a payment in full or installments so you can qualify for a payment. Our system does have a conversion process for your referrals so they will be properly introduced to the technology without any sales pressure whatsoever.

Q: When do I get paid?

A: You will get a check when products are paid in full. When paid in full upfront, you will get a check usually within 10 business days. For installment payments, you will get a check 10 business days after the last installment is paid.

Q: Where will the checks come from?

A: The checks for your organization will either come from us or direct from the manufacturer. That depends on which fundraising option you want to choose. Either way, we take you out of the sales process so you can focus on your organization.

Q: Does this technology really work?

A: This is a proven technology made by a debt-free privately-held company founded in 1974. There are many supporters and champions for this technology - medical doctors, alternative health professionals, sports pros, celebrities, and ordinary people. Of course, when you make waves, you make detractors of competitors and those displaced..

Q: Why haven't I heard about this?

A: This technology originated in Japan, where 1 out of 6 households now have it. In the U.S., there is only a half percent (0.5%) market penetration so chances are, you will not have heard about it until the market starts to buzz. There's no market saturation any time soon. In the future, current owners expect to replace their device within its 15 yr life span so this fundraiser is truly evergreen.

Q: Why should I get involved now?

A: Sooner or later, your members will buy one or more of these devices for their homes. It is just a matter of time. Whoever they buy it from, will get paid commissions. Most distributors who get paid these large commissions will just squander it on large screen TV's, frivolous vacations, and fancy cars. You might as well make a smart pre-emptive move and get your members buy through your organization and funnel part or all the proceeds to your cause.

Q: Won't selling high ticket be more difficult?

A: Just be aware that even "FREE" still needs to be sold. So there will be some effort regardless of the price point. Most high ticket products don't sell as well because of the failure to convey a no-brainer deal and the absence of financing for those who do not have good credit. Those challenges are solved here because buyers get a life changing product and there is financing regardless of credit for those with the downpayment!

Q: What makes you qualified to help?

A: There are 2 main reasons why you should work with us. 1) Since we are at the top of the compensation plan, we can afford to pay co-marketing dollars to others like you. 2) We have a sophisticated conversion and tracking software called Adaptive Funnels. It will track all referrals and sales so you can get credited for your efforts. You will have full access to the Adaptive Funnels system so you can comply with your state commercial co-venture reporting requirements.

Q: Why don't you just give us some money?

A: Right? The richest man in the world does not give away free money. You can't just ask for money straight up from Bill Gates' nonprofit foundation. You must apply for their grants and go through the rigorous qualification process. Their grants are also prioritized to organizations that operate in certain niches. On the contrary, our process is comparably way simpler and we will not ask you to jump over hoops. We also work with any nonprofit organization. Apply now and schedule your call today!

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